Two Way Radio Service Agreements 

Discover the convenience and cost savings with Service Agreements tailored for your needs – secure your peace of mind with Extended Warranties for Two-Way Radios!
Although our Motorola products boast durability and longevity, unforeseen accidents may occur. Elevate your warranty coverage by enrolling in our Annual Service Agreement. To sign up and extend the lifespan of your devices. Here's what our Service Agreements cover:
  • All Two-Way products still under Motorola support.
  • Comprehensive coverage for Portables, Mobiles, Repeaters, Base Stations, and Consoles.

  • What's included in the coverage:
  • All repair costs covered, encompassing parts, labor, and return freight.
  • In-house repairs for all portable models at our certified maintenance facility.
  • Affordable pricing:
  • Motorola Portable repairs for every model are now available at just $4/month with a yearly contract.
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