Radio supply stores have the products, Motorola Solutions, and services needed for today's campus security needs.

Head-of-the-Class Education Motorola Solutions Increase Safety

Want to improve communication and safety on your campus? Look no further than Radio Supply Everywhere! We offer next-generation voice, video, and data solutions that connect administrators, teachers, faculty, and other team members seamlessly. Our comprehensive portfolio includes two-way radios (walkie-talkies), video surveillance systems, and other wireless networking solutions. These advanced tools are designed to: Boost collaboration: Facilitate clear and efficient communication between staff members. Reduce response time: Ensure prompt action in case of emergencies or urgent situations. Prevent escalation of minor issues: Address concerns quickly and effectively, preventing them from becoming bigger problems. With Radio Supply Everywhere, any staff member can relay critical information at the push of a button, fostering a more efficient and secure environment.

Honor Roll Strategies

Keeping everyone informed and engaged is a proven strategy for success as your team focuses on the core mission of educating students. In addition to the classroom, education professionals supervise and manage other daily activities such as bus transportation, breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, recess on the playground, sporting and extracurricular events, and special programs. Plus, efficient facilities management requires connecting maintenance, custodial, grounds care, and other teams.

Two Way Radios / Walkie Talkies

Portable two-way radios (walkie-talkies) from Radio Supply ensure reliable wireless communications in an emergency because they work independently of landline and cellular networks. Radios also instantly increase day-to-day productivity by notifying teachers, administrators, and maintenance staff of an intruder, weather alert, water leak, board meeting change, transportation issue, security incident, or other important messages. Radio Supply two-way radios can also be programmed as access control tools to lock/unlock doors and gates.

Two Way Radio Accessories

The right radio supply accessories ensure your team gets the best communication performance with the greatest ease of use. Headsets and earpieces from your radio supplier enable hands-free operation for busy teachers. Headsets also block background noise during crowded assemblies and sporting events. Belt clips and carry-cases from your radio supplier keep radios close by, yet out-of-the way.

Spare batteries from your radio supplier ensure that radios are ready to deliver peak signal strength when they are needed most. Multi-unit chargers are available from your radio supplier to reduce electrical outlet demands and shelf space requirements.

For mobile radios in buses, speaker mics from your radio supplier make it easier and safer for drivers to communicate.

Video Surveillance

Radio Supply provides end-to-end solutions, including cameras, monitoring equipment, infrastructure, network management, storage, and access control. What truly sets Avigilon apart is its advanced programming and built-in artificial intelligence (AI) analytics. This technology recognizes suspicious activity faster, saving valuable time searching for relevant footage. Quicker response times are crucial for protecting people and property. Additionally, Avigilon cameras reduce the total cost of ownership by providing high-resolution imaging, allowing you to use fewer cameras overall.


Radio Supply CampusWatch™ allows for early warning and notifications, enabling law enforcement to respond, investigate, and potentially prevent critical incidents. This alert and notification system complements your campus's existing security protocols, strategies, and tactical plans.

Radio Supply Fixed Camera License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology can identify potential threats before they enter your campus grounds.

The power of Radio Supply lies in the data and analytics received from LPR detections across the nation, stored in Radio Supply's cloud platform.

BDA-DAS Systems

Signal Boosting for Enhanced Coverage

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) work in conjunction with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to amplify signals for two-way radios and cellular devices. Every installation is custom-tailored to address specific challenges within a building, considering factors like building materials, signal weak spots, and potential interference.

Public Safety Assurance

Many localities mandate the installation of BDAs in specific buildings, such as schools. These amplifiers strengthen two-way radio signals on designated Public Safety frequencies, ensuring clear communication for first responders during emergencies. Radio supply companies possess the expertise to deploy BDA-DAS systems that comply with local regulations.

CBRS, Data and WiFi

CBRS In a post-COVID environment, more schools are applying distance learning to their curriculum. The good news is your school or facility can save thousands and connect your students and teachers with Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) / Band 48. With CBRS, you can deploy a private LTE network for a lower cost with speeds that outperform Wi-Fi. Additionally, Radio supply's OnGo® shared spectrum solutions allow you to tailor your network to securely connect voice, video, and data solutions across your campus and community.

Expert Services

Radio Supply Everywhere has an outstanding team of certified field service technicians and highly skilled system architects and electrical engineers. Whether it's a FREE networking consultation, simple repair, or system design and upgrade, Radio Supply Everywhere complies fully with R56 and other challenging wireless industry standards.

As Motorola Solutions largest dealer in the world, we are well-versed in FCC codes and regulations to ensure your radio frequencies will be clear and compliant.

Equipment Rentals

Rental equipment improves team communications to improve response and efficiency during school activities such as sporting events, band and choir concerts, and field trips. Rentals also help coordinate special events such as guest speakers, leadership retreats, graduation, fraternity and sorority events, summer camps and campus tours, and other crowded activities. Radio supply stores can help make your next event go more smoothly.

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