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Radio Supply

Radio Supply XPR 6550/6350 Battery

Radio Supply XPR 6550/6350 Battery

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7.4v Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery Replacement for Radio XPR6100 XPR6350 XPR6380 XPR6550 XPR6300 XPR6500 XPR6580 with Belt Clip

Outstanding Performance
Color: Black
Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Battery Type: Li-Ion battery
Condition: 100% New.
Compatible With Two Way Radio Models:
DP Series: DP3400 DP3401 DP3600 DP3601
DGP Series: DGP4150 DGP4150+ DGP6150 DGP6150+
XiRP Series: XiR P8200 XiR P8208 XiR P8260 XiR P8268
XPR Series: XPR6100 XPR6300 XPR6350 XPR6380 XPR6500 XPR6550 XPR6580
Replacement for Battery: PMNN4077 PMNN4077C PMNN4065 PMNN4066 PMNN4069 PMNN4065A PMNN4066A PMNN4069A
Please match battery part number for the correct replacement.
Package included:1PCS PMNN4077C 2600mAh two way radio li-ion battery replacement, 1PCS belt clip.

Notice: If your radio model not listed above, please check other item in the store or email to us what are you need model number Via Amazon, then, we will help you find one that suit walkie talkie Replacement Battery for you.
*Do not dispose of fire. Also keep the battery away from fire.
*Never attempt to disassemble the battery pack .
*Do not directly connect (short circuit)the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals.
*For specified LITHIUM-ION battery charger only


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