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Telewave 380-470 MHz 2.5dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna

Telewave 380-470 MHz 2.5dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna

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The Telewave ANT425F2 is an extremely rugged collinear antenna, with moderate gain and wide vertical beamwidth. This compact antenna produces 2.5 dBd gain, and is designed for operation in all environmental conditions. The antenna is constructed with brass and copper elements, with a path to ground potential for lightning impulse protection.

Frequency 380-470 MHz
Gain 2.5 dBd
Power Rating 500W
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR 1.5:1 or less
Pattern Omnidirectional
Vertical Beamwidth 38°
Termination Recessed N Female or 7-16 DIN Female
Dimensions 42" x 2.75"
Weight 9 lbs
Wind Rating 200 mph
Lateral Thrust at 100 mph 38 lbs
Bending Moment at Top Clamp 30 ft lb


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